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“Fusing 90s-style ballads, creative storytelling, and dynamic country-rock sensibilities, Nowheresville feels like a genuine country-rock album and all the proof you’ll need to call Dirt Road Opera one of Canada’s rising acts.” – Canada Beats Media

“Killer CD by new supergroup Dirt Road Opera” – Patricia Conroy, Hit songwriter and artist

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The aura of Myles Goodwyn can be distilled in one word: “neighborly.” – Blues Blast Magazine

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“When music is your soul, your breath, and your life, there is no way anyone can stop you from following your heart’s passion~MUSIC!” Darby Mills
The Wire Magazine

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“Self-professed B.C. long-haired redneck takes centre stage” – Langley Advance Times

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I have been writing and recording songs, playing with bands and cowriters, for the last 20 years. I now run a small recording studio in Dawson Creek, B.C, Canada, and stay busy as a recording artist. Check out my music over here!

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“If a great blues show or blues music is what you want, then a great blues show or blues music you will get with this band” – Braven Isusius @ imprimissproduction

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Things That Canadians Are Rockin'

Canadians Rock a lot of stuff! 

We’re famous for everything from hockey to bacon 

Here’s a short list of some sites that are Canadian and are ROCKIN’

Excellent Canadian Music Sites

Some of our listeners have asked us to point to some websites that have information on Canadians artists and bands. So, here they are!

So go have a visit and give us your feedback!

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Bernie Aubin & Bruce Bromley

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